SportiveWays is a Professional Sports Agency Specializing in Football and Other Sports at an International Level.

Jose Rey, CEO of SportiveWays

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More than 12 years experience in marketing with global brands and professional teams

Skilled strategists with the capability to transform strategic goals into operational plans


More than 35 football exhibition matches negotiated and implemented around the World

World-class expertise in sponsorship closing multiple sophisticated multi-million dollar agreements


We are experts in sponsorship projects and exhibition matches/summer tours to generate additional revenue to our clients. Additionally we provide marketing consulting services to major brands and companies to define their plans and identify the best sports properties for them to be associated with, ensuring they reach their objectives.

Our main clients are TOP football Clubs/Sport properties, players, promoters/sports events organizers and companies/brands interested on using sport as a platform to reach their marketing & corporate goals.

In everything we do, we take a professional and personal approach, working with complete confidentiality. We are always focused on creating unique and innovative sports related stories for our clients.

  • Sponsorship Projects 100%
  • Exhibition Matches/Summer Tours 100%
  • Corporate/Marketing Consulting 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%

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