At SportiveWays we assist TOP Clubs and promoters/match organizers to fulfil all their needs in relation with individual exhibition matches and summer tours/tournaments.

For Football Clubs:

Home Exhibition Matches:

We advise Clubs on ensuring the best home match experience for their fans, identifying the best potential opposite Club to invite to play the match, leading the discussions and the negotiation process with the oppossite team trying to reach the most reasonable terms for both Clubs.

Away Exhibition Matches and Summer Tours:

We identify international away exhibition matches for TOP Clubs trying to generate additional revenues for the Club, approaching their strategical territories to expand their Club’s brand and reaching their international fan base. We have a wide network of professional promoters and match organizers around the World and we assist the Club during the entire negotiation process with the promoter/host Club of the event.

For Promoters and Match Organizers:

Generate Revenue:

At SportiveWays we have years of experience in assisting promoters and match organizers on developing remarkable and profitable exhibition matches and summer tours trying to reduce financial risks and maximizing all the different ways to generate revenues with the event (ticketing, sponsorship, TV rights, merchandising, etc).

Manage Communication:

We identify which are the most meaningful Clubs available to potentially be invited to participate at the match, and we manage all the communication and the negotiation with the Club candidates until reaching a contract agreement with the selected Club/s.

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