At SportiveWays we develop sports management consultancy projects for global, regional and local Brands, offering the best solutions to our clients after an exhaustive analysis of the best sports properties available to be associated with.

Why Prestigious Brands All Around the World Trust SportiveWays


SportiveWays helps global brands identify the best sponsorship opportunities to fulfill their brand objectives, expand their brand recognition and reach, and take their relationship with their audience to a new level.

We build relationships with selected sports properties and assist our clients in negotiating the sponsorship contract while looking for the highest ROI and ensuring the development of remarkable experiences for their audience.

Sponsorship Projects:

Global or Regional Official Partnership Agreements

Player Endorsement Agreements

Social Commitment Agreements

Brand Logo on Official Club Jerseys

Stadium Naming Rights

Naming rights for a Competition, League or Tournament

Services Provided For Major Brands Include:


  • Identifying the ideal sport to invest in bearing in mind the Brand’s positioning, marketing & corporate goals, utilizing the target market & client’s profile and territory objectives.
  • Evaluating which available sports properties would be the most complimentary to the Brand (Club, Competition, League, individual player endorsement, etc.)
  • Facilitating contact with sports properties to initiate discussions
  • Creation of high value, innovative and meaningful sponsorship packages to allow the Brand to carry out remarkable implementation plans that will reach their objectives
  • Determine the level of the investment to ensure maximum ROI
  • Ongoing consulting during the entire sales & negotiation process
  • Contract agreement analysis before final signatures

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